British Amber Ale

Written on 17 April 2020

Amber beer is more of an American style (and Irish Red Ale is similar) but it has many similarities with British Bitter. I called this amber as it is darker and less bitter than the beers I normally brew. It’s the first recipe I’ve put here as I was delighted with how nice it is, especially when served through a traditional beer engine. Although I’ve called it British it is a mixture of British and Canadian malt and British and American hops. The yeast is distinctly British though (although via Oregon!).

Edit: I forgot to make it clear this is a BIAB (brew in a bag) recipe. It can be brewed with 3-vessel and other forms of AG (all grain) equipment but you’ll need to adjust the ingredients for your equipment. I use the BIABacus spreadsheet.

British Amber  
OG: 1.046
FG: 1.010
ABV: 4.6%
IBU: 36
Colour 25 EBC
Batch size 20L
Mash 67C
Boil 70min
Total water 29.2L
Grain EBC Weight %  
  Pale Malt 6 2588g 69%
  Torrefied wheat 4 375g 10%
  Vienna malt 9 375g 10%
  Honey malt 60 189g 5%
  Roast barley 1300 38g 1%
  Crystal malt 150 187g 5%
Hop Alpha Weight Time
Summit 19.1% 11g 60min
Mosaic 12% 11g 15min
Challenger 8.2% 11g 15min
Epic 5% 19g -15min
Summit 19.1% 11g -15min
Mosaic 12% 12g -15min
Challenger 8.2% 15g -15min

-15min means 15 minutes after flame out. Leave to steep for 30min.

Yeast: Wyeast WY1318 London Ale III